1971 Chrysler
Sport Satellite
55 Chrysler Outboard

Chrysler outboard and marine, like their automobiles,
was the industry standard in the seventies.

In 1967, Chrysler Marines introduction of the Cathedral Hull design became the foundation of a
full line of boats named after Chrysler Corporation's most famous and popular cars; these
beautiful boats were name Fury, Sport Fury runabout and bowrider, and the best selling was this
15 foot Sport Satellite bowrider.

Chrysler boats were far ahead of their time. The full foam flotation that was standard on all
Chrysler boats, later became federally mandatory on all consumer boats per USCG
requirements to keep consumer boats from sinking completely. Should a boater hole his
or her boat, the boat would only fill up to the gunwale and never sink completely,
thereby letting the passengers stay with the vessel until rescue.

Chrysler Outboard Corporation was in it for the long haul, with a 590,000 square
foot manufacturing plant in Hartford, WI, 30 miles south of Milwaukee. Chrysler
Outboard made 40 different outboard engines, ranging from 3.5 to 135 horsepower.
Chrysler Outboard and Marine became the industry standard in the Seventies.

For 1969 and newer models, the company introduced a brand-new hull design,
with the moniker “Chrysler Cathedrals.” This was similar to the hydro-V in appearance,
but had a smoother curve coming up from the keel, and a shorter freeboard.
The side sponsons created airspray cushions of foam for a softer, more stable ride.

The company wrote: “Chrysler Cathedrals travel on top of the water, gliding over a
bow-to-stern cushion of air and water. Her high transom and deep splashwell are “dry,”
safety features. And she responds almost instantly to power, planing fast and easily — like a high-powered
racing boat. She’s stable and low, with a big, deep splashwell that means storage aplenty.”


By 1971, Chrysler was on a roll and offered 43 fiberglass and aluminum boats,
ranging from 12 to 24 feet, including 40 outboard, inboard and inboard-outboard models,
as well as three day sailors from 15 to 18 feet. Chrysler was the industry standard in the Seventies.

Chrysler also offered a line of eight trailers, custom fitted for every Chrysler boat, becoming
the first company in the marine industry to offer a complete package of boat, motor and trailer.

Survivor RR/GTX

Wanted: any original Chrysler Crew memorabilia, boat parts and Outboard
Marine parts that would compliment the collection / preservation of this Chrysler
Sport Satellite Boat